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Southern Downs in Qld, South West of Brisbane

Southern Downs Region is a breathtaking and an exhilarating place. Only 1.5 hours drive from Brisbane you will be greeted by big sky with crisp air as you cross the Great Dividing Range. You will find small tucked away towns with unique histories surrounded by spectacular national parks and grazing rolling pastures. The region’s fertile soil combined with distinctive 4 seasons produce the most fresh produce and boutique wines in Australia. The rich culture displays in all forms such as music, arts, entertainment, sports all year around… never a dull moment here in Southern Downs.

Warwick, The Main Town

warwick-townhall-jumpers and Jazz in July Concert

About Us

Warwick is a town that wears many hats – a historic gem, the horse-power capital, and host to renowned events like the biggest Rodeo and Jumpers & Jazz festival. At the famous Morgan Park raceway, you can witness thrilling cars and horse sports or hop on a fabulously restored historic steam train. Whether you’re passing by or planning a short or long stay, our homely accommodations will make you feel right at home. Moreover, we offer personalized tours around the area, ensuring you get to see and enjoy all that Southern Downs has to offer. Explore charming sandstone buildings, city-like conveniences, and breathtaking landscapes, and visit renowned boutique wineries and sought-after orchard farms. Your journey in Warwick awaits, and we’ll make it a memorable one.

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Warwick Tours

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Jumpers & Jazz in July

We Plan Your Perfect Day 

Romantic hideaway?  Family holiday? If you are a food lover, experience Paddock to Plate dining in Southern Downs where you can taste the freshest local produce. Thrill seekers, history walkers, nature wanderers or big sky admirers … it all starts from right here in Warwick, Southern Downs.

What's On?

Check out events and festivals in our region!

Yarnbombing & Jazz Tour

Jumpers & Jazz in July: Warwick’s winter wonderland! Yarnbombing meets soulful jazz at this community-run festival. Admire art installations, enjoy captivating jazz, and get creative in knitting workshops. Join us in July for a vibrant celebration of creativity and togetherness!

Don’t miss the exclusive Warwick Tours opening special! Experience the charm of Jumpers and Jazz Tours to neighboring towns and villages. Enjoy sightseeing and a delightful lunch stop along the way. Join us for a memorable journey through the heart of the region!

Starting 9 am

1/2 day tour from Warwick to Freestone Hall for a country BBQ breakfast, Allora, morning tea at Glengallan Homestead, Yangan, Emu Vale, Mt Colliery, Tannymorel and Killarney.

$100 per person includes sparkling wine on the way home.


Wednesday Treasure Hunting

Experience the excitement of 2nd hand market tours in a charming country town, where the unexpected awaits. Join us for a thrilling day of treasure hunting as we take you on a memorable shopping adventure through quaint markets. Discover hidden gems and unique finds on this one-of-a-kind tour!

Welcome to the iconic Warwick Pig & Calf Sale, a bustling auction event featuring pigs, calves, poultry, and a fascinating array of trash & treasure. It’s akin to a vibrant clearing sale, offering a diverse range of items waiting to find new homes. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to buy and sell at Warwick’s renowned auction!

( No pigs and chooks allowed in the wagon).

Starting 9 am

We’ll visit the 2nd hand shops around Grafton St and King St, including Tresor Maison, a very eclectic collection of amazing furniture and everything else.

Then onto Wild Grounds for coffee and cake or something else.

The Endeavour Tip Shop is a must. You never know what you will fin there.

Everything including the kitchen sink !!

$60 per person


Heritage and History

Warwick is renowned for its captivating charm, transporting you back in time with its exquisite Heritage and Historic Buildings. Join us as we guide you along trails where fascinating stories unfold, revealing the rich history of the townships in the Southern Downs. Experience the magic of the past coming alive through these remarkable and, at times, entertaining tales!

9 am starts


Nature Hike - Killarney & Queen Mary Falls

Nestled beneath the rainforest, Killarney is a quaint country town graced by the majestic Queen Mary Falls. Watch in awe as Spring Creek cascades 40 meters, forming mesmerizing rainbows from the mist. Follow the creek’s meandering path through the valley, where it meets the upper Condamine River. Enjoy a scenic picnic area, then embark on a fragrant eucalypt-topped ridgeline journey to the lush, rainforested gorge. Killarney invites you to embrace nature’s enchanting wonders!

Starts 9 am

Indulge in a coffee break at the Queen Mary Falls kiosk. For the adventurous, a 45-minute walk awaits to the lookout at the falls’ top and a descent to the base—a rewarding experience at the Head of the Condamine River. Wear sturdy shoes and warm attire, and be moderately fit due to some steep terrain.

Carrs Lookout is our next stop, offering a WOW-worthy view from the Great Dividing Range, stretching for miles. Our return journey leads us back to Killarney, where we’ll enjoy lunch at the charming Killarney pub.

Explore the town’s treasures, including galleries, a 2nd-hand shop, and the Heritage Centre—filled with captivating historical insights. Join us for a day of breathtaking sights and unforgettable experiences!

We’ll find an interesting spot for bubbles on the way home.    $100 p/p

Morgan Park Raceway

Morgan Park is a major sports and recreation facility and houses a range of sports clubs and organisations, such as Warwick Dragway, Dirt Bike Club, and a new facility for Warwick Aero Modellers (WAM).

Morgan Park Raceway stages circuit racing events including the Australian Super Bikes, Historic Motor Racing, and many other national car events. The Warwick District Sporting Car Club hosts the Supersprint Series throughout the year.

Morgan Park hosts equine events often, including horse trials (equestrian), polocrosse, and equine driving. Warwick Polosse Club hosts international events in their world class Polocrosse ground.

As a fellow motor enthusiast, Morgan Park Raceway feels like my second home on most weekends. With me by your side during your visit, you’ll be thrilled to share in the excitement and passion that this racing haven has to offer. Let’s embrace the thrill of the track together and make your visit a memorable experience!

Strange Bird Wine Trail and Food

Colours burst in wild explosions, there is wine, food and friends in the vineyard!

The Granite Belt Winery and Strange Bird Trail in Queensland’s Granite Belt region offer a delightful wine experience. Known for its cool-climate wines, the area specializes in unique “Strange Bird” grape varieties alongside traditional ones like Shiraz and Chardonnay. Explore the wine trail, sampling distinctive wines like Verdelho, Viognier, and Tempranillo. The region’s picturesque landscapes, gourmet food, and outdoor activities make it a must-visit destination for wine enthusiasts and tourists alike. Enjoy an enriching and memorable wine journey in this charming wine-producing region.

Starting 9 am

Stanthorpe Wineries – Cheese factory – Lunch at Jamworks –Dessert at Suttons Orchard & Cidery (the home of the BEST apple pie in Queensland)

Lake Leslie and Leslie Dam

Leslie Dam is a man-made reservoir, serves as a vital water storage facility. Its creation in the 1960s aimed at providing water for agriculture and irrigation in the Southern Downs region. Beyond its functional purpose, the dam has become a popular recreational spot. Boating, water skiing, and fishing opportunities attract enthusiasts, while the picturesque surroundings offer picnic spots and camping areas. A serene retreat amidst rolling hills, Leslie Dam invites visitors to enjoy outdoor activities and connect with nature in the beautiful Warwick region.

Late afternoon visit, depending on the weather.

Sparkling wine/beer and a charcuterie platter while you watch the amazing sunsets over the water of the lake.

Numbers by arrangement –   2 persons min, 7 max

A great spot for a proposal, or birthday surprise.

Call Yve for more details.

$65 p/person

Pratten - Leyburn - Karara

Lunch at the Royal Hotel at Leyburn.

The village of Leyburn roars into life for the Leyburn Sprints in mid August, to commemorate the first Australian Grand Prix held in 1949, which took place on the airfield just north of the town. It was used by the Liberator Bombers in World War II. The airfield became the dirt race track for the event. Very brave race drivers with leather helmets and goggles.

Chris and myself have competed for many years at the Sprints, and enjoyed it very much. It always used to be for Historic Race Cars only, but they are getting a bit scarce, and there are invited categories now.

In the early days they also had Historic Motorbikes, but it was a bit hair-raising for the riders. One rider was heard to say afterwards –    “That was the most dangerous thing I have ever done ! ”

This is true grass roots racing. The drivers love to talk about their cars, so you are able to chat with them as you wander through the pits.

The Leyburn Sprints are on Fri 18th and Sat 19th August 2023.

We can do a tour on both days if the numbers are enough.

However the Sprint Route Tour can be done any time of the year.  $100 p/p

accommodation warwick qld

Where To Go

Do more and go beyond the ordinary with Warwick Tours, where our curated group tours allow you to explore the captivating beauty of our small country. From awe-inspiring landscapes to rich cultural heritage, delightful cuisine, and exclusive visits to boutique wineries, our knowledgeable local guides ensure you make the most of your journey. 

Where To Stay

Stay at our three conveniently located properties, located near the vibrant CBD, the bustling activity hubs. Our accommodations offer spacious and immaculately clean rooms that provide the perfect balance of relaxation and homely charm. With plush beds that guarantee a restful sleep, you’ll feel right at home, allowing you to fully unwind and recharge for your adventures.


Where is Warwick situated?

We are in the South East corner of Queensland, 160km West of Brisbane, 2 hours drive across the Great Dividing Range, over Cunninghams Gap. 2.5hours from Gold Coast, 3.5hours from Sunshine Coast, 1hour from the famous garden city Toowoomba, and 30minutes from the Granite Belt, one of the best known boutique wineries and orchard farms region.

What can I expect in Warwick?

Warwick is a historic country town with about 14,000people, dotted by beautifully groomed parks with picnic facilities, where country markets are often held.

We have all big city convenience in a large shopping centre with 4 major supermarkets while many authentic small country shops dominate the main street. Surrounded by big sky, rugged but spectacular national parks, many historic sites, wineries, orchards and fresh produce, all in close reach. 

What type of accommodation and eateries are offered?

Guesthouses, Farm houses, B&Bs, Motels, Camping, Caravan parks are all available. However, I dare say we have the best accommodation right here.

Clubs, pubs, restaurants, cafes are offering typical Aussie meals, Smokehouse meals, Chinese, Indian, Korean Japanese, Thai, and many more from breakfast to dinner.    

What are the best attractions?

Wawick is known as the Horsepower Capital of Australia, The home of Polocrosse World Cup. Motorsports are on every weekend, the most famous Rodeo and Campdrafting in October, Jumpers & Jazz in July are just some of the events. The best known boutique wineries and the best orchard farms of the Granite Belt are just 30 minutes away, a pleasant country drive.

Is there a travel guide app for the region?

I thought you’d never ask:)

You can download at;

The Southern Downs and Granite Belt offer you a free Visitor App, a free travel guide and the ultimate resource for your trip in the region. The interactive app features up-to-date information on attractions, events, restaurants and more.
Try our Dunny Dash Art Trail; you explore 12 toilet block art murals dotted around the region with information on the artworks and artists will be at your fingertips.

Download now at



What People Say About Warwick?

Warwick is the country town, everything you need!

– Easy Camper –

The best town in South East Queensland!

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